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ESD equipment for the sophisticated work bench

ESD stands for ElectroStatic Discharge and describes the processes and effects involved in the equalisation of electrical charges between two unevenly charged materials. If such materials come into contact, positive and negative charges are exchanged. Each year in industry, electrostatic discharges cause damage that runs into the millions.

Full ESD protection for semiconductors

Due to the breakneck pace of development in microelectronics, semiconductor components are becoming increasingly complex. As a result, measuring devices, production equipment and, of course, electronic workpiece components themselves are becoming ever more sensitive to ESD pulses. Although humans do not have a heightened sensitivity to electrostatic build-up and discharges, it is a completely different story for electronic components. Even just a few hundred volts can cause incalculable damage to these devices, without leaving any visible traces to the casual observer. As a result, comprehensive ESD protection is a crucial requirement for any modern work bench.

ESD work benches and accessories ensure the working environment is safe.

item offers the right ESD protection for every aspect of the working environment. We believe that protection against electrostatic discharge begins with the work bench concept itself.

While Table Mats for ESD work benches ensure that even large parts can be handled safely on the working surface – HPL working surfaces and table tops in ESD-safe designs provide protection over the entire working area. Special Wristbands also help to integrate operators into the ESD circuit.

Do you have any questions about ESD work benches, table tops or other accessories? We'd be happy to offer help and advice! Simply give us a call, or fill out a callback form – our ESD experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


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